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Projéct Timi: Sasha's Curse

Projéct Timi: Sasha's Curse is a 3D cozy musical-action game mashup. Use the rhythm of the music to activate magic traps, fend off nightmares, and protect the dreams of the people in Lucity town from Sasha’s evil curse.

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Where the goal is to bring good dreams to the people of Lucity town… or at least it was. A mischievous cat by the name of Sasha has started setting a plan in motion to give people nightmares instead… it’s more profitable. Angry about this, a penguin by the name of Mr. Moon decides that Sasha must be stopped, even if it goes against the higher-ups' orders. That’s where you come in. You play as Timi, a plucky young intern with something to prove. You and Mr. Moon must go into people's dreams, find the nightmare core, and put an end to Sasha’s evil plan thwarting her minions on the way. But you must be secretive about this or Timi and Mr. Moon could lose their jobs.


Time your attacks to the rhythm of the beat. Enemies move to the song so as you get down you can also lay down…some traps. Enjoy an energetic chiptune soundtrack filled with tunes you can relax/vanquish nightmares to.



Explore the dreams of the people of Lucity town. Get to know their greatest passions and fears as you help them overcome their nightmares. Each level is brimming with personality. With unique trials based on the person having the dream.




A plucky young intern whose goal is rise through the ranks of Dreamcatchers. She’s quick witted, energetic, and intelligent. She believes that work isn’t work if you aren’t having fun while doing it.

Mr. Moon

Described as a bit of a grouch by his co-workers but those who really know him know that he’s always well meaning. He has grown a bit cynical over the years but he always strives to keep the business of dream making pure even if it could cost him his job.

Dr. Meri

A bit shy but very smart, Dr. Meri is an expert on all things magic and powers and show’s Timi how to use them when she gets a new one. After seeing how Sasha is ruining dreams, she can’t sit back and take it any longer. She joins the crew to help a stop to her nightmarish plans and maybe to help build her confidence as well.


Projéct Timi: Sasha's Curse is about tight gameplay. Explore beautifully imaginative worlds, make your way through mind bending mazes, and skillfully set traps to catch your enemies. Obtain new abilities, and battle challenging bosses that will test your reflexes and rhythm skills. Each of the nightmare realms is guarded by a challenging boss. Learn the patterns, find their weaknesses and beat (get it!) the bosses to cleanse the nightmares, and save dreams everywhere from Sasha’s Curse!


  • Discover and fight a diverse set of nightmare creatures that inhabit the dream realms.
  • Walk, Run, Swim, and Slide your way through the levels. Collect the diamonds, find the secret books and clear each level by finding the golden puzzle piece!
  • Solve puzzles, play musical minigames, find treasure, and uncover all the secrets hidden within the nightmare realms.
  • Obtain new abilities to aid Timi to defeat nightmare creatures, finding hidden treasure, and solving puzzles.



Use Windy Traps to lift Timi (or anything else!) flying through the air, your Magic Bubble to provide safety against Nightmare Dust, detonate Potion Explosions to break through the toughest shields, and other abilities that will aid you through the adventure. 


Use Timi's ability to project into people's dreams and explore unique nightmare-themed levels. Find your way through the darkness of Night in the Woods, crawl through the chocolate alleys in Sugar Cane Street, immerse yourself in the abstract and ever-changing Neon Arcade, and much more! It’s time to save dreams once and for all. Think you got what it takes? This is going to be one Nightmarish internship!!


Each of the nightmare realms is guarded by a challenging boss. Learn the patterns, find their weaknesses and beat (on the beat!) the bosses to cleanse the nightmares; Vanishing Sasha’s Curse from the dream realm!

System requirements


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 64-bit only
3.0 GHz processor
Version 9.0c
10 GB available space


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